Sienna and Italian Cooking!

by coeycoo


I hope everyone is well and ready for the weekend! In this post I am going to recap my Friday last weekend as well as my cooking class last night!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit 3 different Tuscan cities in one day! I traveled to Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni. It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny day and the three cities were GORGEOUS. It’s always fun to see a different part of Italy besides Florence. We spent most of our time in Siena and I fell in love with this city! The main piazza is in the shape of a giant circle and is a hub for Italians and tourists to sit down and enjoy some gelato and the sights within the piazza. After a yummy lunch, we had the chance to grab some gelato (mascarpone and cappuccino flavors!) and relax in the piazza. After the group re-convened we hiked to the top of a tower that was supposed to be a church but was never finished. The view from atop was absolutely breathtaking. It was a perfectly clear day so we had a 360 degree view of all of Tuscany. I could have stayed there for hours. We had less time to spend in Monteriggioni and San Gimignano, so we simply walked around the tiny towns, enjoyed wine and took in the scenery! It was an absolutely perfect day.

Last night I got to experience my first Italian cooking class at “In Tavola”!!! We cooked an eggplant, mozzarella, basil and tomato appetizer. Normally I don’t enjoy eggplant, but this dish was fabulous. Next we prepared homemade noodles for our main dish, lasagna! We made two different types, a beef and red sauce lasagna, and a vegetarian pesto lasagna. They were both delicious but I think I enjoyed the beef lasagna a little bit more. And lastly, for desert, chocolate cake!! Needless to say, the cake was mouthwatering. We had water and red wine with our meal as well. I’m already checking their website  to see if there are any opportunities for my friends and I to sign up for another class.

Tomorrow my friends and I head to Perugia for a famous national chocolate festival! Try not to be too jealous 😉 And next weekend I head to Barcelona, Spain! So keep a lookout for some more blog posts to come.  


Jenna, John, Laura and I in Monteriggioni 




Beautiful Sienna! 




Breathtaking views